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Roseann's Musings

Reflecting on the Holiday Season

by Roseann Heinrich on 01/09/19

Reflecting on the Holiday Season

It seems my new normal is to wake around 4 a.m. and spend time in prayer and reflection.  I try to remember all the things I have learned over the years.  Pray for angelic protection, gratitude, prayers for those who are in need, bring light into my body, all the areas where it is needed, balance my chakras, etc., etc., etc.   

This morning I reflected on this holiday season.  I have always loved the lights of the Christmas Holiday.  I light my house and spend time enjoying my surroundings.  I love to go places that display light shows.  I could have a whole holiday with nothing but the lights.  So, I began a few days before Thanksgiving decorating my home with a variety of Christmas lighted garland and trees.  I can honestly say I have really enjoyed it all.  I have a lot on timers so they come on between 6 and 8 a.m. as well as 5 to 10 pm.  It is truly my joy.  I am grateful to be able to do this and to actually take the time to enjoy my home in this way.

So, this morning I was thinking of the ups and downs of the season.  Thanksgiving was quiet, just my husband, daughter and myself.  We enjoyed Christmas movies and a lovely dinner.  The day after I experienced an eye problem; It was scary.  I did not know many people experience floaters and flashing and the potential for retinal tears.  I was frightened.  I also did not know this could heal.  So, I called on Arch Angel Raphael and Jesus and we went to work.  In the process of the next few days I went to Doctors and eventually found it was getting better.   Th concern lingered through the holidays as I was instructed to watch and return immediately if the condition worsened.

 I spent that evening with special friends.  We go to dinner each month and share and learn from each other.  They are very special to me and I am grateful to have them in my life. They helped me to relax about the eye problem and allowed me to express my concerns and know that if I needed rides or assistance, they would eagerly provide what I needed.

Within a few days I caught a major cold and I really despise having a cold.  But I got through that too just in time to enjoy my first dinner party of the season.  I love entertaining guests especially during this season.  It was a lovely evening and one I cherish each year with cousins. 

The following week I hosted the neighbors for an annual Chili party.  Another wonderful experience to fill my holiday season.  A surprise dinner invitation to another cousin and his wife rounded out the week before we entered the Christmas weekend.  Interspersed with the holiday gatherings I was also focusing on some knee pain which keeps me from working out the way I always have and a strange rash that showed up on my right shin.

The Christmas weekend brought family from Virginia to visit and with them came this beautiful little dog named Molly.   This was a fun visit building Gingerbread houses; well they built, mine crashed.  But it was fun and it was a new experience for me.  We visited a Magic Light show on Christmas eve, enjoyed good food and relaxation and lots of Hallmark movies. 

On Christmas morning I woke early as usual and when I entered the living room found Santa had arrived during the night.  There were stockings for everyone including me.  What a lovely surprise to have my stepdaughter do this for us.   I spent time also during this weekend with the adorable Molly who loved to go for walks. The weather was so lovely we walked a lot.    The weekend brought joy, tears, frustrations and peace as did the entire season.  I believe I experience every possible emotion during this time.  The national news wasn’t good so that added to the emotional roller coaster. 

But always I came back to my 4 a.m. gratitude, prayer and light for healing all.  This morning I realized life is like this.  The joyful times rise to the surface and stand out in the memory while the less than joyful happened but seem to not take the priority like those memories that were filled with great light of joy and peace.  I am grateful to have realized this and know that everything will turn out perfectly and I will always have so much for which to be grateful.

I wish I could share the wonder and joy with so many who do not experience the holiday in this way.

I know there are many who do not even know that this season could be joyous.  I will always keep them in the 4 a.m. prayer.  I hope you can all reach back into the memories of this most recent holiday season and maybe many others and fine the beautiful memories rising to the surface and notice the more difficult memories are not as accessible.

Namaste’ and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to you all.


Holiday Season

by Roseann Heinrich on 11/29/18

Everything Is Always Working Out for Me

How funny life is.  I wanted to write my message from the angels and accidentally (or not) stumbled upon the writing from last year.  I had to smile.  I did it again with a twist.  So, I offer last year’s edition as well as this year’s twist as the Holiday message.

December 2017

I am always amazed at how we create our own stressors, for not only the holidays, but probably most all the time.  I so looked forward to the holiday season.  It has been a tough year on many levels and I wanted to feel the warmth, joy, and happiness of the season. 

On Thanksgiving, we started by decorating the house and making plans for enjoying neighbors and family.    Before I knew it, I had several occasions planned, list of things to do and shopping to be done.  The regular “stuff”’ of living still goes on with cleaning, working out, taking care of others, oh yes and working. 

I turn around to find I am over booked.  Imagine that and I did it myself.  So, I turn to the angels and say HELP!!  Thank goodness, they do help, every time!

Amidst all my preparations and celebrations, I purchased a new computer. I’ve always wanted a laptop.  When my daughter’s computer acted up, I decided to give her mine and get the laptop.  

Oh, no, what did I do.  Now I need to find my documents, my spread sheets.  It was supposed to be so easy.   I yell, help! again to the technical angels on planet earth.  If you ask why somethings are double underlined, I have no idea.  Maybe by next time I will have figured it out.

So, as I am attempting a new recipe and trying to learn my computer, I realize I have done all this to myself.  And, it is okay.  I am really loving every minute when I remember to breathe deeply and enjoy it all.  As long as I remember my new mantra, “Everything is always working out for me”, everything seems to actually work out for me.  Imagine that. 

December 2018

Well this year, I was prompted to jump on the Veteran’s Day sale of appliances.  Best Buy offered a great deal and I purchased a refrigerator, range, dishwasher and microwave.  Always wanted the glass top version of the electric range.

 Why does no one ever talk about the downside of these items.  Oh, so hard to keep the top shiny.  I ask, did I do this to myself?  The refrigerator is lovely, but I did not notice it is a bit smaller than the one I had in the kitchen.  Thank goodness, the one from the kitchen now has a home in my garage to pick up the overflow.  The dishwasher IS very quiet.  And, yes, I am trying to figure out the microwave as it is really different.  Haven’t tried the convection oven yet, my not until after Christmas since once again I have invited family, neighbors and friends for gatherings and must come up with the menus, etc.

My decorations seem to grow each year or maybe it is my energy level decreasing, but oh how I love lights all over my house with timers to turn them on and off.

As I try to adjust the finances and all the other additional expenses that occur at this time of year, my clothes washer decides it is time to leak.

Now I begin to feel overwhelmed.  If I did not have all this to do…. I recognize I would feel very lonely and left out.

I wish for more family.  I pray my life will always feel full and provide me the opportunity to be overwhelmed.  The Angels remind me of how blessed I am to be able to do and enjoy all I have.    I spend time in Gratitude and prayer for others.

I hope you will all enjoy the holidays.  Notice the stressors you put on yourself, if you are not enjoying it, let it go.  Only do what brings you joy.  If someone misses your card they might call and spending time is better than the card. You could simply call them to say Merry Christmas, save the stamp.

 If shopping is not your thing, maybe someone would like to do it for you. I love shopping and I especially love shopping with someone else’s money.   There are ways out of the stressors we create, but maybe, just maybe if you remember to ask for help from the angels in heaven and the angels on earth you will find quick easy solutions.

Above all else, remember the Angel message to be grateful that you are in a position to be stressed, overwhelmed and very blessed in the life you are currently experiencing. So many do not have a roof over their head, food to eat, clothes to wear or even clean water to drink.   Many have lost everything due to storms or fire.  The Angels remind us all to share in some way from our abundance.

Merry Christmas to you all and remember Everything Is Always working out for you too!

Roseann and the Angels






Contemplating my life

by Roseann Heinrich on 08/17/18

Today’s Contemplation

My cat, Sam, passed away a couple of weeks ago.  He was ever so much a part of my life and I spent several days sobbing.  I think this was an opportunity for me to purge the losses in my life.  Sam was a special cat;  not extremely loveable and not a lap cat, but so very smart and so very much a part of our family.  We all engaged him in conversation each day and, of course, he responded.  We rescued Sam in 2008 and I think his life prior to our household had been very scary.  So, he chose to enjoy the household, but would not allow himself to be cuddled as we might put him in a cage like he was at the shelter.  He also had absolutely no interest in leaving the house or going outside.  I would not have allowed that, but it made it easier not to worry about a dash for the door when it was open.

 I questioned why I sobbed so vehemently and realized he was part of every moment of the day from the time I arose until bedtime.  Yes, he also slept in our bed when the weather was cold.  He ran the house and he paid special attention to the handicapped in our home.  He was careful not to get in the way of the walker or caned individual.  He did not like to be picked up. But, in his last few weeks, he allowed us to hold him and love him for a little while at a time.

 A few days before he transitioned, he climbed up on my lap and stayed for over an hour.  The next night he did the same with my husband.  It caught us off guard and we loved every minute.  I will never believe animals do not know what is happening.  They are very intuitive and very loving in their own ways.  He would come to me for Reiki when he didn’t feel well.  I know toward the end he wondered why the reiki no longer healed him.  He stared at me so intently I felt the question.  Do your thing and help me feel better.  Then he would look at me and I am sure wondered why this time it just wasn’t working for him.

I think because of this loss I find myself feeling sad and this leads to feeling sorry for myself.  Oh, woe is me.  I have to constantly remind myself how blessed I am and how difficult my life could be if I experienced some of the traumas I see.  This morning I drew a card from the oracle deck I keep in the bathroom.  The Deck is Miracles Now.  The card is Happiness is a Choice I Make. 

Oracle cards are amazing.  They bring the message home and 99% of the time are extremely accurate.  I study the card and realize Happiness is really an inside job.  How many times have I heard this.  I can choose to be happy because I am blessed.  Or, I can choose to be miserable because I don’t have what I think I need. 

The reality is I have all I need and many of my wants.  I am probably very wealthy in another life.  I am also very young in another life.  I am very strong, I am very free, I am very powerful, I am everything.  Right now, in this life I am me and where I am, what I have is enough and it is perfectly what I need.  It is a blessed life. I have a beautiful home, a car for transportation, a family I love that loves me, etc.etc.etc.

 I am charging the angels with the job of continuing to remind me of this every day.  I chose this life to experience it exactly as it is.  I am grateful to know this.I hope you are all grateful for the life you have chosen too.



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