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Contemplating my life

by Roseann Heinrich on 08/17/18

Today’s Contemplation

My cat, Sam, passed away a couple of weeks ago.  He was ever so much a part of my life and I spent several days sobbing.  I think this was an opportunity for me to purge the losses in my life.  Sam was a special cat;  not extremely loveable and not a lap cat, but so very smart and so very much a part of our family.  We all engaged him in conversation each day and, of course, he responded.  We rescued Sam in 2008 and I think his life prior to our household had been very scary.  So, he chose to enjoy the household, but would not allow himself to be cuddled as we might put him in a cage like he was at the shelter.  He also had absolutely no interest in leaving the house or going outside.  I would not have allowed that, but it made it easier not to worry about a dash for the door when it was open.

 I questioned why I sobbed so vehemently and realized he was part of every moment of the day from the time I arose until bedtime.  Yes, he also slept in our bed when the weather was cold.  He ran the house and he paid special attention to the handicapped in our home.  He was careful not to get in the way of the walker or caned individual.  He did not like to be picked up. But, in his last few weeks, he allowed us to hold him and love him for a little while at a time.

 A few days before he transitioned, he climbed up on my lap and stayed for over an hour.  The next night he did the same with my husband.  It caught us off guard and we loved every minute.  I will never believe animals do not know what is happening.  They are very intuitive and very loving in their own ways.  He would come to me for Reiki when he didn’t feel well.  I know toward the end he wondered why the reiki no longer healed him.  He stared at me so intently I felt the question.  Do your thing and help me feel better.  Then he would look at me and I am sure wondered why this time it just wasn’t working for him.

I think because of this loss I find myself feeling sad and this leads to feeling sorry for myself.  Oh, woe is me.  I have to constantly remind myself how blessed I am and how difficult my life could be if I experienced some of the traumas I see.  This morning I drew a card from the oracle deck I keep in the bathroom.  The Deck is Miracles Now.  The card is Happiness is a Choice I Make. 

Oracle cards are amazing.  They bring the message home and 99% of the time are extremely accurate.  I study the card and realize Happiness is really an inside job.  How many times have I heard this.  I can choose to be happy because I am blessed.  Or, I can choose to be miserable because I don’t have what I think I need. 

The reality is I have all I need and many of my wants.  I am probably very wealthy in another life.  I am also very young in another life.  I am very strong, I am very free, I am very powerful, I am everything.  Right now, in this life I am me and where I am, what I have is enough and it is perfectly what I need.  It is a blessed life. I have a beautiful home, a car for transportation, a family I love that loves me, etc.etc.etc.

 I am charging the angels with the job of continuing to remind me of this every day.  I chose this life to experience it exactly as it is.  I am grateful to know this.I hope you are all grateful for the life you have chosen too.



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