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Holiday Season

by Roseann Heinrich on 11/29/18

Everything Is Always Working Out for Me

How funny life is.  I wanted to write my message from the angels and accidentally (or not) stumbled upon the writing from last year.  I had to smile.  I did it again with a twist.  So, I offer last year’s edition as well as this year’s twist as the Holiday message.

December 2017

I am always amazed at how we create our own stressors, for not only the holidays, but probably most all the time.  I so looked forward to the holiday season.  It has been a tough year on many levels and I wanted to feel the warmth, joy, and happiness of the season. 

On Thanksgiving, we started by decorating the house and making plans for enjoying neighbors and family.    Before I knew it, I had several occasions planned, list of things to do and shopping to be done.  The regular “stuff”’ of living still goes on with cleaning, working out, taking care of others, oh yes and working. 

I turn around to find I am over booked.  Imagine that and I did it myself.  So, I turn to the angels and say HELP!!  Thank goodness, they do help, every time!

Amidst all my preparations and celebrations, I purchased a new computer. I’ve always wanted a laptop.  When my daughter’s computer acted up, I decided to give her mine and get the laptop.  

Oh, no, what did I do.  Now I need to find my documents, my spread sheets.  It was supposed to be so easy.   I yell, help! again to the technical angels on planet earth.  If you ask why somethings are double underlined, I have no idea.  Maybe by next time I will have figured it out.

So, as I am attempting a new recipe and trying to learn my computer, I realize I have done all this to myself.  And, it is okay.  I am really loving every minute when I remember to breathe deeply and enjoy it all.  As long as I remember my new mantra, “Everything is always working out for me”, everything seems to actually work out for me.  Imagine that. 

December 2018

Well this year, I was prompted to jump on the Veteran’s Day sale of appliances.  Best Buy offered a great deal and I purchased a refrigerator, range, dishwasher and microwave.  Always wanted the glass top version of the electric range.

 Why does no one ever talk about the downside of these items.  Oh, so hard to keep the top shiny.  I ask, did I do this to myself?  The refrigerator is lovely, but I did not notice it is a bit smaller than the one I had in the kitchen.  Thank goodness, the one from the kitchen now has a home in my garage to pick up the overflow.  The dishwasher IS very quiet.  And, yes, I am trying to figure out the microwave as it is really different.  Haven’t tried the convection oven yet, my not until after Christmas since once again I have invited family, neighbors and friends for gatherings and must come up with the menus, etc.

My decorations seem to grow each year or maybe it is my energy level decreasing, but oh how I love lights all over my house with timers to turn them on and off.

As I try to adjust the finances and all the other additional expenses that occur at this time of year, my clothes washer decides it is time to leak.

Now I begin to feel overwhelmed.  If I did not have all this to do…. I recognize I would feel very lonely and left out.

I wish for more family.  I pray my life will always feel full and provide me the opportunity to be overwhelmed.  The Angels remind me of how blessed I am to be able to do and enjoy all I have.    I spend time in Gratitude and prayer for others.

I hope you will all enjoy the holidays.  Notice the stressors you put on yourself, if you are not enjoying it, let it go.  Only do what brings you joy.  If someone misses your card they might call and spending time is better than the card. You could simply call them to say Merry Christmas, save the stamp.

 If shopping is not your thing, maybe someone would like to do it for you. I love shopping and I especially love shopping with someone else’s money.   There are ways out of the stressors we create, but maybe, just maybe if you remember to ask for help from the angels in heaven and the angels on earth you will find quick easy solutions.

Above all else, remember the Angel message to be grateful that you are in a position to be stressed, overwhelmed and very blessed in the life you are currently experiencing. So many do not have a roof over their head, food to eat, clothes to wear or even clean water to drink.   Many have lost everything due to storms or fire.  The Angels remind us all to share in some way from our abundance.

Merry Christmas to you all and remember Everything Is Always working out for you too!

Roseann and the Angels






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