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Reflecting on the Holiday Season

by Roseann Heinrich on 01/09/19

Reflecting on the Holiday Season

It seems my new normal is to wake around 4 a.m. and spend time in prayer and reflection.  I try to remember all the things I have learned over the years.  Pray for angelic protection, gratitude, prayers for those who are in need, bring light into my body, all the areas where it is needed, balance my chakras, etc., etc., etc.   

This morning I reflected on this holiday season.  I have always loved the lights of the Christmas Holiday.  I light my house and spend time enjoying my surroundings.  I love to go places that display light shows.  I could have a whole holiday with nothing but the lights.  So, I began a few days before Thanksgiving decorating my home with a variety of Christmas lighted garland and trees.  I can honestly say I have really enjoyed it all.  I have a lot on timers so they come on between 6 and 8 a.m. as well as 5 to 10 pm.  It is truly my joy.  I am grateful to be able to do this and to actually take the time to enjoy my home in this way.

So, this morning I was thinking of the ups and downs of the season.  Thanksgiving was quiet, just my husband, daughter and myself.  We enjoyed Christmas movies and a lovely dinner.  The day after I experienced an eye problem; It was scary.  I did not know many people experience floaters and flashing and the potential for retinal tears.  I was frightened.  I also did not know this could heal.  So, I called on Arch Angel Raphael and Jesus and we went to work.  In the process of the next few days I went to Doctors and eventually found it was getting better.   Th concern lingered through the holidays as I was instructed to watch and return immediately if the condition worsened.

 I spent that evening with special friends.  We go to dinner each month and share and learn from each other.  They are very special to me and I am grateful to have them in my life. They helped me to relax about the eye problem and allowed me to express my concerns and know that if I needed rides or assistance, they would eagerly provide what I needed.

Within a few days I caught a major cold and I really despise having a cold.  But I got through that too just in time to enjoy my first dinner party of the season.  I love entertaining guests especially during this season.  It was a lovely evening and one I cherish each year with cousins. 

The following week I hosted the neighbors for an annual Chili party.  Another wonderful experience to fill my holiday season.  A surprise dinner invitation to another cousin and his wife rounded out the week before we entered the Christmas weekend.  Interspersed with the holiday gatherings I was also focusing on some knee pain which keeps me from working out the way I always have and a strange rash that showed up on my right shin.

The Christmas weekend brought family from Virginia to visit and with them came this beautiful little dog named Molly.   This was a fun visit building Gingerbread houses; well they built, mine crashed.  But it was fun and it was a new experience for me.  We visited a Magic Light show on Christmas eve, enjoyed good food and relaxation and lots of Hallmark movies. 

On Christmas morning I woke early as usual and when I entered the living room found Santa had arrived during the night.  There were stockings for everyone including me.  What a lovely surprise to have my stepdaughter do this for us.   I spent time also during this weekend with the adorable Molly who loved to go for walks. The weather was so lovely we walked a lot.    The weekend brought joy, tears, frustrations and peace as did the entire season.  I believe I experience every possible emotion during this time.  The national news wasn’t good so that added to the emotional roller coaster. 

But always I came back to my 4 a.m. gratitude, prayer and light for healing all.  This morning I realized life is like this.  The joyful times rise to the surface and stand out in the memory while the less than joyful happened but seem to not take the priority like those memories that were filled with great light of joy and peace.  I am grateful to have realized this and know that everything will turn out perfectly and I will always have so much for which to be grateful.

I wish I could share the wonder and joy with so many who do not experience the holiday in this way.

I know there are many who do not even know that this season could be joyous.  I will always keep them in the 4 a.m. prayer.  I hope you can all reach back into the memories of this most recent holiday season and maybe many others and fine the beautiful memories rising to the surface and notice the more difficult memories are not as accessible.

Namaste’ and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to you all.


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