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The Fixer Energy

by Roseann Heinrich on 04/14/19

The Energy of The Fixer

John Gray wrote about the Masculine fixer energy in Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.  He shared how men often think women are asking them to fix something when they are simply wanting to be heard.

Every one of us has both a masculine and feminine energy. When we allow our masculine energy to become stronger than the feminine, we might find we have more of a controlling spirit that is necessary.   If this is the case, we will believe that a person who might be sharing a problem or concern is requesting us to fix or solve the issue.

When someone confides or shares problems, it is usually a call to listen, support and maybe to tell the truth and be honest.  But it is not ours to fix.  The fixing must come from the person experiencing the problem.  What ever is best for them, may not be the way it would be best for the listener.

We run into this situation so often with our children.  They share their problems and we are quick to think they are asking for our help.  We try to discern how we can best be of service to them to ease the pain they are experiencing.  We lose sleep and allow our bodies to coil with concern but all we really had to do was listen and maybe say I am so sorry you are experiencing a hard time.

The fact is, it is the other persons journey.  The one they created to advance their own vibration when they reach the time of transition. We don’t know what their plan entailed.  We were simply the vehicle they used to arrive on this planet at this time. The plan for their lives was all created by the planner. 

Recently I lost my own sleep because of concern over problems for which I had no control and for which I was not to have control.   I learned to be grateful that I could listen, maybe help with a suggestion, but not to try to solve. Spirit teaches me to treat the problems and concerns of my family members including my children as I would that of my clients.  Listen when they want to share and talk. 

We are all different.  We will all do things in a different way even if they are our children.  Letting people live their lives and create their own way is part of the process.  Expecting people to do things the same way we would creates problems for the listener.

Be a good listener, help if you can.  But remember, the person sharing is simply sharing not necessarily looking for you or me to fix a problem. 

Sometimes this can be overwhelming.  That is when you need to use a technique, I was taught many years ago.

Take three deep breaths. Ask your angels to call on the angels of the person creating the disturbance in your being.  Tell that person’s angels exactly what you are feeling and what you need to happen for your own wellbeing.  If you need to yell, scream or cuss, it is okay.  The angels can handle it all and will take the message and gently give it to the other person. 

Wait three days.  Notice the change.  This will help bring peace into your life.  It is so useful when there is a concern that the other person will become defensive or abusive in some way or you simply want to avoid confrontation. 

 I have used this technique with bosses, co-workers, family, and friends.  It always works.    I offer it here to put in your tool bag for the next time you are just too tired to listen or in need of protecting your own energy.   But remember so often people simply want to be heard.


Love to all

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