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Waking Up Again

by Roseann Heinrich on 06/12/18

Hello Friends,

It has been a long dry spell for me regarding listening to or reading the works of spiritual leaders.  I just could not seem to get interested, sit still, understand.  I used to do this constantly reading one or two books at a time, constantly listening to healers and metaphysical leaders.  Then for some reason over the last year, I could not do any of this.  Oh, I tried, but to no avail. 

All of a sudden, I am drawn once again to listening and tuning In and reading the books I most love.  I needed to allow myself to be.  That amazing word BE.  Just BE who I am in each moment and allow the Universe to move me when it is the perfect time. 

Apparently, it is the perfect time.  I have tuned back into Hay House and some of the programs offered.  Not the same that interested me before, but now new and different programs.  I signed up for several seminars presented by Matt Kahn, a wonderful Spiritualist who shares messages for Lightworkers.  Teaching of loving self and others in today’s very different world. 

I was even re-introduced to Conversations with God, now on audio, receiving the information in a very different way.    I am grateful.  I am happy to once again feel the draw to connect in these ways.  There has been a shift in my universe and this is the way it is expressing in my life.  I can wonder what changed as outwardly it does not seem apparent, but to just enjoy and move forward with the change is probably the best way to experience whatever comes into my life now.

I am also being drawn to post more messages on Facebook so may surprise myself by doing so more often. 

Have things changed in your life in some unique way?  Did you notice?  It is a blessing.

Namaste’ Dear Friends and Angel Blessings


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