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Find Peace in each day with a little help from the Angels.
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​Dear Ones,

We know you have been giving a lot of human thought to the times you are experiencing. There are no answers to be derived by thinking you can analyze an explanation. It is all about how you respond to each and every potential that enters into your life which may be apparently good or bad. 

 That decision to label something would be solely yours; as what is bad for you maybe good for another. Try to see all as opportunities to experience everything in the best possible light and bless it.

If you have been burning the candle at both ends and feeling harried due to circumstances, you might become ill so that you will slow down and focus more on your own body. Why not set time aside now while you feel well to focus on the needs of your body? Create a practice in your life of meditation, tai chi or yoga or taking a walk in nature each day. In this way, the body does not need to remind you that it needs to be your primary concern so you can move on in the easiest possible way. You will give it the time to communicate with you in restful ways or simply have time to increase the Prana within, your connection to the All That Is. This is healing energy.

Create that Gratitude Journal to remind yourself each day of the blessings in your life. Creating a gratitude journal is not so that the Universe can see you are grateful, it is so you can REMEMBER all the gifts that have blessed and served you. Your mind will easily be drawn to the circumstances that have not served or appeared negative. We must provide plenty of time remembering those wonderful gifts and blessings. Simple remembering lifts our spirits and increases our Prana.

This practice is the same as taking care of your body before it is ill. When you are grateful for all you have, you will find yourself drawing to you more of the wonderful experiences you want. It is the way the Universe works. You create your experience with your thoughts. Those 1111 numbers remind you to pay attention to your thoughts and turn the negatives into positives. It is always always possible to do this. We are her to help, you only have to ask.
We love you,
Your Angels