Regarding Angel Therapy® Sessions

"I had a wonderful 'angel therapy’ reading with Roseann. The reading was fun and informative. Roseann reflects crystal clarity and has a practical quality to her readings that I love. This is perfect if you want practical guidance of a spiritual nature. Thank you."
A. Keane

"Roseann, you are an amazing person and I wish you Love and Light in the new year.  I am more calm and you have helped me tremendously.  Thank You.  I am now taking one day at a time and dismissing everyone else's negativity.  Tuning into myself every day and sending on love to everyone, still crying at emotionally moving experiences but not the crazy person I was.  I am trying to stay in love.  I feel so peaceful.  Thank you so much.   In Love and Light, Arlene L."

"Roseann, since the reading you did for me in April, I have spread the word on our Angel friends.  Chamuel has found so many of my lost items and I continue to misplace them so thank heavens he is available.  Uriel gives me information all the the time and Michael and Raphael are probably tired of hanging out with me.  I also converse with Sylvia.  I am so thankful and happy to know that she is here.  I really cannot thank you enough for what you have brought into my life.  I just simply forgot they were available.  Have a wonderful day! "

"Roseann's angel reading was truly eye opening.  She shed light on how I needed to approach specific situations, and her intuitive spirit provided direction that led me to a more purposeful and harmonious existence with those around me."
M. S.  New York

"Roseann provides her clients with a calm serenity of clarity.  My readings with Roseann provide me with insitght, confidence, and direction.  Roseann is a knowlegdeable  intuitive, gifted teacher with a genuine heart to serve. I recommend Roseann to anyone who is interested in advancing in their spiritual path."
Tina Thelin

"I have to say that my reading with Roseann resonated very deeply. Almost from the beginning of the reading, I could feel amazing, energizing "happenings" as she called forth a healing within me. It was absolutely electrifying. I could feel gentle and loving 'pulling and tugging' from my body in specific areas and Roseann would confirm it verbally as I felt it happening! It was incredible and so validating. Roseann's vision seemed to match exactly what I was feeling and sensing. I felt so acknowledged and loved during and long after the reading was over. I still use, daily, the healings that Roseann had called forth during my reading and it still energizes me. I feel empowered and completely supported and loved by the 'unseen'. Thank you, Roseann. Your confidence and joy came through loud and clear as you gave me an exceptional and powerful reading. I am very grateful to you for sharing your gifts."
April Leffler

"my first lesson I decided I wanted not only to continue learning and perfecting Tai Chi Chih, I wanted to become a teacher myself.  Having Roseann as my teacher was certainly a major influence in making that decision.  I only hope I will be as good a teacher as she is.  Tai Chi Chih is for everyone and can affect your life profoundly in the most positive ways."
Rae Marie Pudelski

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Roseann Heinrich
Regarding T'ai Chi Chih®

"I experienced a tai chi session with Roseann and the quality of her teaching is top class. If you struggle to meditate and want to find a way to quiete your mind and body; T'ai Chi chih is perfect for you." 
A. Keane

"Roseann has such a calming aura as she teaches T'ai Chi Chih®.  All tensions melt away and you feel a true sense of wellbeing after one of her sessions."
Pam Kruger

"I really enjoyed learning T'ai Chi Chih from Roseann Hewinrich.  The movements are simple to do and easy to work with in a routine.  I experienced a sense of peace and traquility that was so beautiful.  I did not experience any fatigue or muscle soreness after the sessions.  I felt calm and revived."
Bonnie Pleat

"Thank you for the wonderful experience of learning TAI CHI CHIH. Your teaching/instructor skills are at the top (excellent) as you prepared us, stepped through the routing and the had us follow.  The experience was a sense of peace and tranquility.  I felt completely relaxed yet energized and rejuvenated.  This truly is an exercise one can put into their daily routine."
Ken Pleat

"My initial reaction to the introduction to T'ai Chi Chih was, This is T'ai Chi??? this was so different from other forms I had expereinced.  But as the weeks progresss, I began to realize this ita had much to offer.  T'ai Chi Chih is workable for all levels of fitness.  I especially like the way each move flows into the next, making a continue workout, (like a symphony)."
Florence Husbeck

"My bone density tests are better than the test taken 5 years ago thanks to T'ai Chi Chih."
Mary Zeisset

"Over many years I have taken classes for Tai Chi and Qigong and also dabbled in meditation so I was very interested in learning more about Tai Chi Chih.  I was intrigued that it encompassed all three elements.  I am a person who has always been drawn to the Eastern culture and this sounded like it included the best of everything I had experienced and it proved to be so.  Immediately, and I do mean immediately, after
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